The A11y Store will host different sellers and products related to accessibility. Here is a little more info about who is involved in the project at this time.

Carie Fisher headshotCarie Fisher is a Senior Accessibility Instructor and Developer at Deque. She has been building websites professionally since 2005 and is passionate about accessibility and promoting diversity in the tech world. She founded both the A11y Style Guide and the YouTube series Accessibility Talks to help educate others on website accessibility. Find her on Twitter at @cariefisher.


Nicolas Steenhout headshotNicolas Steenhout is an accessibility expert with more than 20 years of involvement in web accessibility. He specializes in WCAG 2.0, Section 508, WAI ARIA, and he is familiar with a wide range of assistive technologies. He also hosts the podcast A11y Rules where he interviews and chats with people in the web accessibility community. Find him on Twitter at @vavroom.


Scott Vinkle headshotScott Vinkle is an accessibility expert and front-end developer for Shopify. Scott has been active in the accessibility community since 2011. He has worked with many groups including the accessibility project, the a11y tourCodePen Ottawa, and many others. Find him on Twitter at @svinkle.